Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Catching up!!=)

Hello all!!!=)

Goodness, I'm getting really slow at this Blogging.  Life has been a little busy, so haven't had much time to post what I've been cooking lately, which has thankfully been quite a bit!!

 I can't remember exactly what this recipe was called, but it was pasta with Chicken, Artichokes, Cappers.  The sauce was a mixture of Lemon and Cream Cheese.  Super yummy!!
 I also made French Bread to go along with it!!

 Made a Pumpkin Cheese cake, which was wonderful!!
 This Creamy White Chili was wonderful, if I do say so myself!!;)

 That night I made an Apple Crisp, with Apple Pie filling we had in the freezer.  Forgot to put in the Oats..oops!!
My sister Rachel and I watched Julie and Julia!!=)  Watching that movie is bad sometimes, cause you just want to eat and cook all the time!!!  haha.

The next week, we loved the Apple Crisp so much, I decided to make more!!=)
 This time I remembered the Oats ;)

My dad, Rachel, and I are HUGE fans of the A&E series of PG Wodehouses: Jeeves and Wooster.
Soooo, we watched a couple that night!=)

This past Satuday, Rachel and I went with our cousins to an Apple Orchard.
All of the good apples were on the tops of the trees, of course.  The signs said NOT to climb the trees.  But my cousin Ian (who is my age) and I didn't really follow the rules..haha.  But we sure got some wonderful apples!!=)
So I made a pie with some of them, and probably could make 4 more!!

Besides all of this, I've made a lot more.
A few meals for my brother's band, which included: Italian Beef Sandwhiches one night.  Mac and Cheese and Sandwhiches another night.

Last week, we had some friends over and I made Chili and Corn Bread.  I didn't have a dessert made, so a little before dinner I asked my dear friend Morgan what I should make.  He suggested Cinnamon Rolls, and so that seemed like a wonderful plan to me, so I made some!!

Alas, didn't get any pictures of any of it, which is a bummer=/

Anyway, hope you all have been well and enjoying this lovely Autumn Weather!!=)


  1. Wonderful post Hannah. Everything looks fabulous. My daughter and I simply adore Julie & Julia, it does get you in the mood to do some serious cooking!
    In fact, right after we saw that movie, my daughter surprised me and bought me 'How to Master the Art of French Cooking'!
    Cheers & Lots of Beautiful Blessings to everyone~

  2. You have been quite busy with these dishes. I loved Julie and Julia as well and found it inspiring to branch out and try new things. Glad to see you posting!

  3. Pumpkin cheese cake... Two of my favorite things together in edible form. Sooo you should teach my sisters how to make em ;D