Friday, July 16, 2010

Late birthday dinner...=)

Hello deary dears,

My cousin Ian's birthday was April 3rd, and I told him I'd make him a birthday dinner.
Last night, he got his birthday dinner. =)

There's an Italian restaurant about an hour from where I live called Casa, and we went there one time and Ian got some kind of Seafood Alfredo, and loved the clams in it.

So for his birthday dinner, I made some Clam Sauce!

Had some fresh Parsley from our garden!
Of course the Breadsticks!
Salad is a must=)
Served the sauce of some pasta.

He enjoyed his belated birthday dinner.

Afterwards, we went to see the new film Inception.  A movie totally worth seeing, one of the most brilliant movies ever!!  Super good, really good, very good!!!=)

Enjoy the lovely day!


  1. You are a great cousin!! That sauce and the bread look delicious!! I made a "pilgrimage" to New England last summer. It was to find the best clam chowder for my son's wedding reception. I tasted lots before I selected the one at Brown University Faculty Club--and, of course, that's where they had the reception!! It was a tasty trip.


  2. i have never made a clam sauce for my pasta but I did make a mean clam chowder. Your photos are great. Hope you cousin had a great birthday.

  3. It was a lovely birthday dinner. I'm sure your cousin was thrilled at the effort you made for him.. Your clam dishes both sound wonderful. I hope your day goes well. Blessings...Mary

  4. What a lovely looking pasta and special treat you made for your cousin! I can't wait to see Inception myself.

  5. I agree...what a great cousin you are! This would be a wonderful celebration meal. I've heard so many good things about seems to be sweeping the nation!