Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard in Indiana!!!

Hello all,

This past week, here in Indiana, we got quite a lot of snow!
Schools have been closed for the past couple days, and I believe there are some delays for tomorrow.
At my home, we got about 8 inches with drifts a lot higher than that.
Other places got hit worse.

So while being snowed in for a day or two, may as well do some cooking right?
My stomach was craving Coconut Cream Pie, so that's what I made!!
It's a very rich pie, a little can go a loooong way!!!  Haha.

Stay warm!!! :)


  1. Oh my I love a good Coconut looks so tasty! I love the brown crisp look on top! Stay warm and enjoy baking while the snow is falling!

  2. I love the toasted coconut on top. That would be my favorite part!