Tuesday, May 25, 2010

*Celebrate with Carrot Cake and some Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast*

Hello dears,

Yesterday, was my brother Aaron's 20th birthday.  His favorite cake is Carrot, so that's what I made him.
We also had steak for dinner along with Twice Baked Potatoes (didn't get a picture, sorry) and a salad.  Three of his greatest friends came for dinner along with his lady Kara.

It called for 2 cups shredded Carrots, to make the process go faster, I put the carrots in the food processor.

All mixed up and ready to bake!

The frosting was a cream cheese frosting, the best stuff ever!!

After dinner, we had some family come over to celebrate.  

Just a slice all ready to eat.

We had some ice cream as well and along with the carrot cake, his lady made a chocolate cake.

Also, yesterday, I put together some cinnamon rolls, recipe by Alton Brown.  They sat in the fridge overnight and when I was ready to bake them this morning, our oven wouldn't preheat!!  So I had to walk over to my grandma's house to bake them.

The frosting had cream cheese in it, I'm telling you, that stuff makes everything 10 times better!
I used Spelt flour, so they weren't quite as squishy as they would be if I would have used white flour.

But they were still super good!!

Ta Ta for now=)


  1. Two of my very favorite things... carrot cake and cinnamon rolls. Both look great!

  2. I've never made cinnamon rolls...got to add to my todo list.

    Looks like a great time with the family!

  3. Carrot cake and cinnamon buns...mmm... Cream cheese frosting is so good!