Friday, May 28, 2010

Top of a wedding cake, four years late...

Hello dears,

Yesterday, was some very good friends of mine, Curt and Julie Shrock's fourth wedding anniversary.  
They are the most beautiful couple you will ever meet. 
They never got the top of their wedding cake.
So I went to babysit their 7 month old son Moses, while they went for dinner.  While they were gone, I baked them a cake.  I couldn't find the powdered sugar for frosting, so Moses and I took a walk to the grocery store, which is about a block or two from their house.  We picked up some pre-made frosting, not something I normally do of course=)
This picture was taken on my phone, so not the best quality.
It was just a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting.
The flowers were from Curt to Julie=)

They were so surprised to see the cake and even more surprised that I remembered they didn't get the top of their wedding cake.

Happy 4th Anniversary Curt and Julie!!


  1. You are a really good friend and neighbor. Your cake looks wonderful and I'm sure your neighbors enjoyed their 4th anniversary even more because of your thoughtfulness. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Aw, you are too sweet to my brother and sister!