Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Night Lasagna


Tonight, my aunt, two cousins, and Grandma came over for dinner.  
So I made Lasagna, along with Garlic Bread, and a Salad.

For the Lasagna, I used Cottage Cheese in place of the Ricotta Cheese.  It gave it a bit more creamy texture, very yummy.  Also used Rice Lasagna Noodle, honestly, they taste just the same as regular 'ol pasta.  Just a bit more expensive=)

For the Garlic Bread, I bought a loaf of French bread, cut it in half long ways, buttered it, sprinkled on some Garlic Powder, and broiled it until the edges were brown.  The I put the loaf back together and cut it into squares.

For the Salad, I cut up some Romaine and Head Lettuce, Sliced some Cherry Tomatoes, and shredded some carrots.
Just had pulled it out of the oven
A pretty fine dinner.

Buon Appetito!  The Italian version of Bon Appetit=)


  1. Hello! Thanks so much for following me! Looking at your pictures is making me so hungry... I just wanted to say also, that Julie and Julia is one of my favorites! :]
    Leah Marie

  2. Good luck with your blog. I see you just posted this blog. Have fun baking and posting!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my pralines.


  3. The whole meal looks and sounds delicious. I love lasagna!

  4. I feel inspired to have some italian now! It looks fabulous, Hannah! Have a lovely day in the sun!!! :)