Sunday, June 6, 2010

Celebration of the end of High School...

 Hello all,
My goodness, haven't posted anything in almost a week!
I really have been cooking a bit, but this past week we've just been getting ready for my Open House.
It was held on Friday, the 4th of June, from 6-10, but some people stayed until about 1!!
So I thought I'd just post a few pictures from it.
Photo credit goes to my lovely sister Rachel and my brother Aaron.
About 153 people showed up, and it was loads of fun.
Really overwhelming actually, God has so graciously placed so many wonderful people in my life.  Wow.
A friend of my mom's came and created this wonder!
Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle Cookies.  I made them a few weeks before and froze them.
Another friend of my mom's made this.  Isn't it lovely??!!  It was super yummy.

This was my sister Rachel's idea.  Haha, I guess I graduated from Hogwarts.

My cousin Jonas♥

Robin and Jenna, I've known them my whole life, my other sisters!
My brother Aaron, his lady Kara, and my bestest friend Ella.
Afterwards, my brother's band, The Great Flood Catastrophe, played in my dad's studio.

Ella and Chloe came in and rocked out, with cotten in their ears!=)

After the show, we had a little dance party, and forgot to take pictures=/

It was such a fun night, wow, really was!  Wonderful.
This coming week, I will be posting more food, really!

Enjoy the day.


  1. Scrumptious food, enjoy and share with your closest friends and family, Yes ... you are blessed.

  2. How cool...the food, party, band...amazing! Congrats on graduating HS. Love your gifts...


  3. Congratulations. It is a real milestone. The photos are just wonderful and will be a great source of happy memories in the years to come. Meanwhile, enjoy today :-). Blessings...Mary

  4. Congratulations to you Hannah. You had a beautiful food spread.

  5. Happy graduation Hannah! What a sumptuous inviting table and it looks like a grand time was had by all!

  6. Congratulations Hannah! That is a big milestone you just reached! The food looks fantastic and what fun you all had with friends and family!

  7. Hello Hannah: I just "met" you over on Mary's blog. I am very pleased to find a young woman who loves to cook. Kudos! I can't wait to spend more time on your blog, seeing what you are up to. I live in Indiana as well. We're near the border with Illinois and very close to Chicago.

    Happy graduation! Happy cooking! Happy life!


  8. What a lovely celebration! Congratulations!!