Thursday, June 17, 2010

First lake day and a laid back dinner...

Hello all,

Oh goodness, all of this feedback has been marvelous!!  I am just shocked!

Yesterday, was our first trip to the lake.  My granny lives on a small lake about a half hour from our home.  My cousins Ian, Erika, Emma, Elijah, and Zeke met us there.  And my good friend Morgan came along as well.  I brought some Lasagna, Breadsticks, and a Salad for dinner.  Sadly, did not get a picture of any of it=/  But I hope you all don't mind looking at a few pictures from the day!!

First tubing of the year.  From left to right, Ian, myself, and Morgan.  
This is my cousin Elijah!
Zeke thinks he's Gilligan!!  haha.
Our boat stalled in the middle of the lake, and this kind sir pulled us into shore.
Ian took the little boys home, and we had a game of Croquet!
I was a bit behind...
...but I caught up!
Morgan and I just chilling.  We both decided that neither of us would fit in the Red Rocket.  Haha.

So after the game of Croquet, we watched To Kill a Mocking Bird and had some ice cream.
What a fun day.

On to the food!
Today, I made some Cinnamon Doughnut Muffins.
Mix the batter together, and fill some muffin tins half way full.  Put about a teaspoon of Jam on top, and then place some more batter on top so that the muffin cups are about three-fourths of the way full.
We had a pretty simple dinner tonight.  Just grilled some Hamburgers and Bratwurst.
For a side dish, I put together my own Black Bean salad.
Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Diced Tomatoes with Green Chillies, and then just guessed at the rest.

Well, tonight we are off to catch the midnight showing of Toy Story 3!!


  1. Your blog is great! Thank you for leaving a comment on mine! You remind me of ME when I was your age...I wanted to get married and have kids..just be a wife and mother! Im so happy to say my dream came true! Yours will too, be patient and you will find the perfect mate! You are a darling lady!
    I love J and J too..makes me want to cook more and EAT!!

  2. Wow, how lucky you are to be able to visit your grandma at such a gorgeous home! Your dinner sounds great and your black bean salad would go well on my table right now!
    Glad to see you enjoyed your day.

  3. Looks like a wonderful day in the sun. Love the food pics.


  4. The salad is tempting and perfect

  5. Lovely clicks, interesting food pics too..

  6. Wonderful photos! Everything looks delicious!

  7. Wow! all pictures looks really great and lovely comforting food.

  8. What a fun day at the lake. The cinnamon muffins look drool worthy and the black bean salad looks tasty too.

  9. Looks and sounds like a wonderful summer day at your grandmother's. Enjoyed your muffins and black bean salad too.

  10. That must have been an enjoyable day. Those muffins look fantastic and so delicious! I also like that salad very much.



  11. what what an awesome day love the black bean salad looks so healthy

  12. Those muffins look wonderful! Looks like you are all enjoying yourselves. Great to be with family!

  13. What a fun time! And all of your eats look so yummy. I love doughnut muffins! The jam in the muffins really makes them extra special. And the black bean salad is tasty looking too!

  14. beautiful pictures

    lovely trip, looks you have a delicious food thats great

  15. You do such a great job with your menus and food. I can't think of anything better than lasagna after a day in the sun and water. I also loved your donut muffins. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  16. wow.. pictures look s awesome.. u have a lovely blog.. following you

  17. sounds like you had a full day!! I love the muffins! thanks for sharing all those great photos!

  18. Love those hapapy photos; you muffins are very inviting.

  19. What a cute blog. I love how determined you are. Cooking is a dying art for young women so kudos to you. Looks like you had a great day full of great food. I love those muffins, but I have not jelly filled them...great idea.

  20. LOL! I'm still chuckling that you guys tried to get into the red rocket. The cinnamon doughnuts look marvelous!

  21. What wonderful snapshots of your life. Looks very idyllic as do those muffins.